Welcome to FiveDollarMission!

We’re so glad you found us! As you browse through FiveDollarMission, we hope you’ll quickly learn it’s a terrific way to help others discover Jesus.


It’s really very simple: we turn your $5 donations into free on-the-job Bible training and resources for Spanish-speaking national pastors and missionaries. It’s like a seminary without walls or expensive tuition. And because everything is done online, $5 is enough to provide one full month of Bible resources!

Now you know why we call it FiveDollarMission. We invite you to take a little journey with us so you can discover what God can do with just five dollars. To help you get started, please watch Ed's video further explaining FiveDollarMission's work and impact in the Spanish-speaking world. Then, fill out the form on this page.
 (click on the photo right below the form)!

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Carolyn has found a new friend who loves his Piggy Bank so he can fill it to $5 to use for a Missionary! His name is Nathan (THANK you Nathan!).






Fill out the form and receive a Piggy Bank for $5 including shipping. Fill with $5 for National Missionaries. Watch Ed explain!

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