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Stories From Mexico

Meet Neri

Ahhh, Mexico. White sand beaches. Luxurious hotels. Amazing scenery and history. It's the ideal vacation get-away with beautiful places like Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. It’s the perfect place to rest and relax. Unless, of course, you live there.

Just beyond those luxurious hotels and manicured white sand beaches is another part of Cancun Mexico we don’t much hear about. It’s a harsh contrast to the luxury found a short bus ride away. But this is where you will find Neri Gonzalez, a very joyful pastor and one of our Five Dollar National Missionaries. Neri felt the Lord calling him to plant a church in a squatters village just outside Cancun. Watch this video to see what the Lord has done over the past several years and see why Neri says, “The beautiful part of Cancun is not in those beautiful hotels and beaches down the street, it is right here in the hearts and lives of God’s people.”

It’s amazing what God IS doing, with just five little dollars.

Meet Waldo

Where is Waldo? In Tepic, Nayarit of course. Tepic seems like a forgotten part of western Mexico, but there you will find Waldo — usually on horseback returning from another visit to one of the small Indian villages along the Río Mololoa river. “The only way to get to those villages is by horseback,” Waldo says, “but the people are hungry to hear God’s Word and I have the joy of taking it to them.” Waldo has helped establish over 50 churches amongst the peaceful Indian farming villages. "God has given me a very beautiful ministry," he says. He adds with a wink, "I just wish I had a faster horse."

Meet Nady

Nady’s father was a successful businessman in Mexico where she enjoyed the privileges of wealth. Everyone thought she was crazy when she married a poor pastor. In travels with her husband to poverty areas in the Yucatan, she discovered many young girls were not going to school but were having to stay home to help. Soon, Nady opened a house for girls where they receive food, shelter, and schooling. Next came a small clinic to care for the sick in the community. “When the Lord places a desire in your heart to serve Him, life is very exciting, rewarding, and meaningful.



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