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Meet Lazaro

Lazaro loves baseball. He was never quite good enough to make the Cuban national team, but he found his niche in coaching. Today he has started a Cuban church league where some of the nation's top talent often play. “Baseball teaches us about life, hard work, and overcoming struggles. We invite players to join us or compete against us so we can get to know them. As time goes on we find ways to tell them about Jesus and how He came to redeem us. I think baseball is the perfect vehicle for evangelism."


Meet Laura

Laura had always been intrigued by sign language so it was no surprise when she learned to “talk” with her hands. She especially loved connecting and communicating with deaf children. As a pastor’s wife, she often wondered what good it would do since no one in their church was deaf… until a new family joined along with their deaf daughter. “It’s impossible to explain the joy of telling this beautiful little girl about Jesus in sign language," she says. Today, she continues her wonderful sign language ministry with special classes in their community to help parents of deaf children learn how to communicate. "Of course, my best lessons are the stories of Jesus healing the deaf and blind."

Meet Raida

Raida thought all her joy and happiness were taken away when she lost her fiancé to cancer many years ago. “I knew God was unfolding His plan but I certainly could not understand anything He was doing.” Years later, in God’s perfect time, God gave her a loving husband and a beautiful son. Today, she is the director of women’s ministries for over 400 Los Pinos Nuevos churches throughout Cuba. She also serves alongside her husband building a church with a special ministry to those who grieve and mourn.

Meet Noel

Noel is an accountant. He’s very bright, cheerful, and looks forward to starting a family with his wife of two years. Noel knows numbers and his mathematical mind knew things added up perfectly when he met Jesus Christ. “You cannot keep good news to yourself,” he says with a smile. "Jesus is the only one who can truly bring lasting hope and life to us in Cuba. I’m an accountant by day but my real job is to plant a church in my neighborhood where I can tell others where to find hope."

Meet Carlos

Carlos Noda from Cuba learns of the dedication of Rev. Les Thompson's last book: "To all the pastors whose name is Carlos -- and to all the pastors who are not named Carlos -- but in particular to Carlos Noda, who pastors the Baptist Church in Pinar del Rio, Cuba."

Thriving Cuba

In the early 1900s, Cuba’s economy was thriving. Fueled primarily by the sale of sugar, Cuba ranked fifth in the hemisphere in per capita income, second in the ownership of cars and telephones, and first in the number of television sets per household. Today, Cuba is once beginning to thrive, but in a far different way.

Today, the Gospel is thriving in Cuba. “House churches” are popping up everywhere and people are discovering God’s amazing grace and love. Typically, 10 to 20 people gather together in a house church where they learn from God’s Word, pray, and encourage each other. The house church leaders come from every walk of life but feel God’s call to proclaim the Good News as Luke recorded in Acts 6:7: God’s message is spreading and the number of believers is greatly increasing (paraphrased).

Today, LOGOI is equipping roughly 500 $5 National Missionaries with on-the-job Bible training, resources, and help. Over the next few years, that number is expected to swell to over 2,000.

For $5 per month, you can help equip and encourage a LOGOI National Missionary to build up the church, the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). Remember, they already live there, already speak the language, already support themselves financially, and are already at work making disciples. Your $5 per month goes directly to their on-the-job Bible training and resources.




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