"The most beautiful land that human eyes ever beheld"

— Christopher Columbus


Thriving Cuba

In the early 1900s, Cuba’s economy was thriving. Fueled primarily by the sale of sugar, Cuba ranked fifth in the hemisphere in per capita income, second in the ownership of cars and telephones, and first in the number of television sets per household. Today, Cuba is once beginning to thrive, but in a far different way.

Today, the Gospel is thriving in Cuba. “House churches” are popping up everywhere and people are discovering God’s amazing grace and love. Typically, 10 to 20 people gather together in a house church where they learn from God’s Word, pray, and encourage each other. The house church leaders come from every walk of life but feel God’s call to proclaim the Good News as Luke recorded in Acts 6:7: God’s message is spreading and the number of believers is greatly increasing (paraphrased).

Today, LOGOI is equipping roughly 500 $5 National Missionaries with on-the-job Bible training, resources, and help. Over the next few years, that number is expected to swell to over 2,000.

For $5 per month, you can help equip and encourage a LOGOI National Missionary to build up the church, the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). Remember, they already live there, already speak the language, already support themselves financially, and are already at work making disciples. Your $5 per month goes directly to their on-the-job Bible training and resources.

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