Some of the ways God is using our five dollars.

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$5 Missions Youngest Partner

Meet Tommy, a terrific young man who decided to do something very special for his birthday. 140 National Missionaries later, we're thrilled to tell this short story of a young man who loves our Lord and has very "beautiful feet" (Romans 10:15).


LOGOI is helping over 500 national missionaries in Cuba. It continues to be one of our most intriguing and exciting places to work. Most of LOGOI’s Cuban national missionaries are well educated and respected members of their communities. A large percentage have established house churches where, on average, 10 to 20 people meet at least once a week. The Gospel is very much alive and well in Cuba, where hope and purpose are found in Jesus Christ.

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When a group of vacation Bible school children in California had an opportunity to provide Christmas gifts for a group of children living in desperate conditions in an Argentine barrio, they didn’t hesitate. With the help of a handful of LOGOI national missionaries who founded the “Flowers from Heaven” mission, those gifts were joyfully distributed at just the right time. The work of our national missionaries via Flowers from Heaven fed and cared for hundreds of children in very difficult conditions. Of course, they were also introduced to a loving Heavenly Father who desperately loves them, knows them by name, and sent His one and only Son to this world to save them. And what better time to hear the Gospel than Christmas!


This beautiful Central American country, sandwiched between Honduras and Costa Rica, is where you’ll find hundreds of LOGOI national missionaries eager to learn. When it comes to Bible and theological matters, most of the pastors LOGOI is helping are self-taught. Formal seminary training for most is simply not possible. They are perfect candidates for our on-the-job training and helping them unfold and apply the truths of God’s Word is one of our great joys.

"Obreros" Worldwide

Our "Obrero" network is huge and grows larger every week. “Obrero” means “worker” and refers to Christian men and women who have seen a need or injustice in their community and are finding a way to help. Being a light in a dark world is their calling, and introducing others to our Lord and Savior is their motivation. These hispanic men and women are scattered throughout the Spanish speaking world and come from all walks of life. They are involved in everything from feeding the hungry, to caring for widows and orphans, to digging wells for clean water. They are doctors and lawyers, taxi drivers and construction workers, accountants and care givers. They are surviving financially on their own and usually accountable to their local churches. They truly are the “hands and feet” of Jesus. Our task is to equip them biblically, to provide resources they need, and to encourage them and pray. Obreros are why LOGOI exists. They are our FiveDollarMission ministry. 


A Special LOGOI trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia A LOGOI Ministries Side-Road Adventure: bringing gifts of love to children at El Jordan, a place of refuge in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Prison Chaplains & Inmates

Hardly a week goes by without a letter from a prison chaplain or inmate here in the United States asking for Bible study material. Interestingly, this is an area LOGOI had never even considered…until the letters started to pour in. There is a very large hispanic community in the US prison system. LOGOI is now assisting chaplains and volunteers in bringing hope and forgiveness to those behind bars. What great joy we share when they write, "My body may be locked up, but Jesus has freed my soul."



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