"Equipping God's people for works of service."  Eph. 4:12


The average annual cost of one international missionary is $52,000*.
The average annual cost for one LOGOI national missionary is $60**.

LOGOI national missionaries already live there, were raised in their culture, and support themselves financially. They feel called to specific areas of ministry in their communities and are already at work. LOGOI provides them on-going Bible training, education, and resources to help them to “build up the church, the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12).

It’s simple. It works. It’s missions for today’s generation.

What is $5 Mission?
* Reported May, 2013 by the International Missions Board. Support includes housing, salary, children’s education, medical expenses, retirement and more.
** Reported January, 2014 by LOGOI, Inc. Support includes weekly on-the-job Bible training, education, and resources.

"Helping the least able to help themselves have hope for tomorrow."

Campaign: Lima, Peru
Giving impoverished children hope for tomorrow.

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Click on the pin points on the map above to learn how many Five Dollar National Missionaries we are serving in their respective countries. Every week, they are sent on-the-job Bible training, resources, practical advise, and a whole lot of encouragement. It is designed to help them effectively proclaim the Gospel and minister to the needs in their communities. It costs us $5 per month per national missionary to provide this weekly on-the-job Bible training. It’s absolutely amazing what God is doing with just 5 little dollars.


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