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I was in high school when Les married my sister so I “sort of” was part of the package deal. LOGOI was in its formative stages and some of my first memories are of Les working on stories from the Bible into full color comic book form. I distinctly remember Les’ excitement about a new way to proclaim the wonders of God’s love and grace.

Nearing my discharge date from the Army, I received a letter from Les encouraging me to go on to college to get a degree so I could help people. Little did he know that with that encouragement I went on to earn five college degrees.IMG_1745_Pail's-wedding300h

Some strange circumstances brought me to Miami where I was once again in the company of Les and his endless enthusiasm. He was pastoring a small church and it was with Les’ impetus that I asked out a lovely young lady who quickly captured my heart. When the day of our wedding arrived it was with great pride that I had Les standing beside me as my best man.


Les carried a message from the heart of God that he enthusiastically shared with all who were willing to listen. He was always encouraging us to keep learning, to study God’s Word, and then help others with what we were learning. He wanted us to know and fall in love with his dear friend and Savior, Jesus.

How blessed we are to have shared a bit of time with Les, entwined with LOGOI, all connected to Les’ Friend—who is our Friend, too. And now it is our task to tell others how to connect with our Friend who offers to all who listen a beautiful life that has no end — eternal life — eternal joy. May we carry on the joy, to keep smiling and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

—Rev. Dr. Paul E. Backlund

"I had the privilege to know Les in Chile and was part of this wonderful and edifying ministry of literature and Christian Education.
Along with my wife, Nancy, and our seven children we have continued with this legacy of taking the Word of God to thousands. We constantly challenge the church to read, study, meditate and apply their lives to the Word of God—and it all started with LOGOI.
A huge hug to the LOGOI/FLET Family,"
—Profesor Fernando and Nancy Estafo, Santiago, Chile

"Greetings to all at LOGOI. I am Dr. Rev. Samuel MacAdam, and I want to join in the 50th anniversary celebration. It is very significant to me because when FLET began, I was in the offices by the Tamiami Airport and my friend Les gave me the opportunity to read his books and help him revise them. It is an honor for me to have known him even though I was never able to join him for a conference because I had my own evangelistic events. Each time I returned from Latin America, I visited the office to share our experiences. Greeting to his wife and all the staff. I pray that LOGOI will reach new levels to fill the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  A hug to all. "
—Dr. Samuel McAdam, Sarasota, Florida

"I had the blessing of knowing Les, a man of God who taught so simply and passionately what he did for the Lord.  Thank you for the legacy you have left us."
—Javier Mendoza, Miami, Florida

"Congratulations. It is a pleasure to greet you. I am sure it has not always been easy but the Lord has held you up to do His work. Blessings to all the LOGOI Family."
—Alfonso Calel, Guatemala

"Congratulations on this 50th anniversary. You have been and continue to be a great blessing for the family of God."
—Cenaida Jaimes, Colombia

"Many congratulations on your 50th anniversary. May the Lord continue greatly blessing you."
—Miraida Millán, Venezuela

"My most heartfelt congratulations to all the LOGOI family on your 50th anniversary as you continue to plant and yield a great harvest. May this beautiful teaching ministry continue to have great success. I personally met the founder, Les Thompson, and it was a great blessing to hear him teach the Word of God with such passion, love and delivery. It is rare to have known professors of this level. May God protect the ministry you are carrying on. Thank you."     
—Diomar Polanco, Venezuela

"I thank the Lord for putting into Les's heart the calling to teach and inspire us to join the messengers that walk with God. Thank you for so capably fulfilling 50 years of vision, consecration, and victory. My sincere congratulations and multitudes of blessings."
—Roberto Ferreira, Uruguay

For even more Information about LOGOI's history, visit the LOGOIgram Blog, LOGOI Ministries Celebrates its 50 Years of Ministry.

"I praise and bless the name of our God as I congratulate the ministry of LOGOI for your service to the King. I have been edified, better qualified, and challenged in reading your [resources] ever since I was a student and now I am a teacher. May God bless and cause your work to last in the life of every one in our big LOGOI family."
Yessica Vigueras
Professor at ACYM Theological Seminary (Christian Missionary Alliance) 
Concepcion, Chile

"God bless this great ministry. Congratulations and may you have many more [years]."
—Pastor Jorge Martinez
Valencia, Venezuela

"Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!  It’s an encouragement to me to know that, despite all the ugliness and evil in the world, God is always at work in people’s hearts and that LOGOI has been His instrument for 50 years!  PTL!"

—Kathleen Ruebling, California 

"What a great celebration year! If you like Instagram, join me at logoiministries to see picture histories along with mini-stories. God has faithfully been right beside us all these years!"
—Grandma Carolyn Thompson, Miami, FL

"I am glad to be a part of LOGOI. It has been a help to soooooo many Spanish pastors. Who knows what all has been accomplished - only God knows and when we all are in Heaven then we'll discover the magnitude of the ministry Les Thompson started."
—Faith Hilton, Miami, FL

"From our municipality of Curicó in the region of Maule in Chile, South America, we join in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of LOGOI with all the places where Spanish is spoken. May our God, with all grace, bless LOGOI, giving strength and support now and always. Amen! With much affection, greetings, appreciation and blessing,"
Pastor René Torres Villacorta, Perú

"We have great joy for the 50 years of your distinguished and prosperous ministry. It has been a blessing to know you and to have had you here in our city of Paraná, Argentina. The gratefulness we have to God because of LOGOI is immense. We join thousands of friends of this ministry in sending this greeting. Yours in Christ,"
—Pastor Jorge Osuna, President of the Pastor Council in Paraná

"For me, FLET was one of the Bible courses that helped me the most after I became a believer. The courses contain Christ-centered and balanced teaching. Congratulations on your 50 years! I pray the Lord will never lack to provide all you need to continue helping men and women of God."
—Antonio Reyes Morales, Mexico

"We thank the Lord for the fruitful and enduring ministry of LOGOI. God has used the Thompson family to minister to thousands through the years. May God continue to bless this faithful ministry until the glorious return of our Savior."
Den & Nancy Trumbull, Montgomery, Alabama
 "Best wishes for many blessings.
I thank the Lord for your anniversary and for Pastor Les. I was blessed here in Chiclayo, Peru, when he came for a conference."
—Manuel Tejada, Peru

"Warm congratulations on your 50th anniversary. Thank you for continuing to proclaim the Good News and sharing the valuable legacy of Les Thompson, whom I knew personally. I pray you will have new and bright successes in the future. God bless you richly."
—José Sierra, Colombia
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