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Celebrate 50th Anniversary! 


LOGOI’s 50th Anniversary is so much more than just a milestone—it’s a year-long celebration of knowing our purpose and fulfilling it with joy. We graciously invite you to join us in commemorating this anniversary. Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing daily Bible messages on Instagram, Twitter, and both our Spanish and English Facebook pages. Follow us to get involved and spend the year learning, growing, and equipping yourself and others for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up.

For even more Information about LOGOI's history, visit the LOGOIgram Blog, LOGOI Ministries Celebrates its 50 Years of Ministry.


"The LORD gave me a special privilege to serve as part of the SEAN-LOGOI and later the LOGOI-FLET writing teams based in Viña del Mar, Chile, at the close of the 1970s and then in the mid-1980s. It was a great joy to serve with those dear team-members drawn from different church backgrounds but working as one in Christ! May He continue to give you an adventurously obedient faith through His Spirit, as you move ahead with the ministry He has given you!

 —Graham Jefferys
Sydney, Australia

"I am so greatly appreciative for the opportunity I had to study under FLET and at the same time to be a facilitator for many brothers who, until this day, are exercising excellent ministries in the area where I live. The fruits have been abundant from the first years in the decade of the 80's when more than 100 pastors graduated.  It was an excellent two year course.  During that time, I met charismatic, friend, pastor and soloist Les Thompson.  I even sang his song "I'm Just a Singing Pilgrim" and now he is singing to the Lord in heaven. Greetings from Jojutla, Morelos, Mexico. 

—Jose Rodriguez Salgado
Morelos, Mexico

"So happy to see the fruits of such a precious ministry. Pastors who've prepared themselves at LOGOI. As for me, I am happy to have been a small part of such beautiful work."

—Pablo Estrella
Merida, Mexico

"Dear brothers, I thank God the Father For the trajectory of Logoi Ministry, his books and materials have been a blessing for my life and ministry and for many more people. Keep going, because there is much more need to continue preparing and training the Church of the Lord. Logoi's ministry is of and has been a blessing. May God continue to bless you greatly."

—David Hernandez Osorio

"Congratulations to LOGOI on the 50th anniversary that began at Los Pinos Nuevos in Cuba. I heard Les Thompson's voice in their weekly program when I was a youngster. The program included his beautiful singing and it captured our family's heart. The program was silenced, I left Cuba and years later had the privilege of meeting Les when he preached at Allapattah Methodist Church Spanish congregation. The wife of the pastor, Marcela Morales (De Paz) had been a student at Los Pinos Nuevos and having Les preach at our church was like meeting heavenly royalty. I would not see him again until the late 80's when we attended the same church. It was such a privilege to see that his work had continued with LOGOI and FLET. This is a ministry that is dear to my heart and I feel blessed to have met Les and Carolyn and see the way God has used LOGOI to spread the gospel. Congratulations again and may God continue to bless your ministry."

—Rosario Santiago
Miami, Florida

"Thanks for the update regarding the progress of Logoi on the 50 years of service to the Lord. Reminds us of the trips with Les - how the pastors and lay users of Logoi's materials hung on to every word. I was blessed to work with Les, a man who walked the talk. The love that existed between Les and the students was so obvious. In His Service,"

—Jack M. Buckner
Milton, Georgia

"Congratulations! I have not been able to be blessed by you [up close] but from a long way away I recognize the importance of your ministry.  May God continue blessing you."

—Pastor Axel Miranda
Camajuaní, Cuba

"Sending a heartfelt congratulations to the staff and leadership of LOGOI in it's 50th anniversary. I was privileged to work for LOGOI between 1992-1995, and was able to experience first hand the heart of this ministry and interact with Les, Carolyn, Ken, Ed and the rest of the staff as they ministered to countless people around the world. After that I served on the Board of Directors. God has his sovereign hand on this ministry, and He continues to bless countless people through this ministry. May God continue to bless this ministry."
—Oscar & Gloriela Oglivie
Valencia, California

"We wanted to add our best wishes to he LOGOI family. My wife became acquainted with Logoi when it was still The West Indies Mission in Three Hills, AB Canada. We thank the Lord for expanding your vision to reach people for the Lord. It has been our privilege to serve with you in the Lord."
—Rick & Elaine Martin
Tyler, TX

"FLET has been an indispensable part of our spiritual life, training, and even the theological direction of Los Pinos Seminary… Without a doubt, your materials, teaching and so much more (including yourselves) are part of who we are today. For many years we have seen your effort and love to help train pastors to use the Word of God well and to keep His Word in the center of our hearts. We have learned this through your courses, as well.  
Also, for those of us who had the opportunity to learn from Les Thompson's teaching, seeing his passion and also reading his books and articles is something that makes us even more grateful to God. He did not forget about us."
Yoandys Arlex López Pérez
Sancti Spíritus, Cuba

"These are my brothers and sisters in the Lord. He has given me so much. It is my duty as well as my privilege to help them." 
—Sherry Kay
Miami, Florida

"Logoi has always been the one mission that we felt we could support with all of our heart and money. Your mission convinced us more than ever that teaching national missionaries was the most effective way to spread the Gospel!
Rev. Thomas and Mrs. Connie Koning
Kalamazoo, Michigan

boyds_sm "I've been supporting LOGOI since before Mark and I were married and we are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this month - so, many more years than I realized. We have always been delighted to support a ministry that prepares locals in Latin America to preach and teach and disciple their own people - friends and neighbors in their own communities. We have been blessed to feel we are a small part in spreading the Gospel in such a practical and efficient way. Meanwhile, I get blessed by Ed's writings and music, as well. Congratulations for 50 years of excellence in serving Christ."
—Patricia & Mark Boyd, Castro Valley, California

 "Thank you for standing strong in the ministry of LOGOI. I appreciate all that you do... this is a FANTASTIC organization!
"Happy celebration of 5 decades of work... hopefully many more to come!"
—Stephanie and Dale Frederick
Tomball, Texas

 "Congratulations on your milestone of 50 years working for the glory of God and sharing His word through your works. Continue running the race set before you with patience and focus and many will be blessed by your efforts."
—Holly & Steve Orzechowicz, Miami, FL

"For me, Les has been an example and motivator. I will never forget the time we were all together in Pinar del Rio and Les's health was so deteriorated but even still he was serving us with amazing passion and love. This memory will never be erased from my heart and mind.  

"I'm beginning to read again his book, Cartas a Carlos (Letters to Carlos). What excellent writing!"

—Leonel Nápoles and family

"To have known this ministry has opened new paths in my life of service and in my faith. How we have reached for His love simply shows who we are. Thank you for communicating this transforming message.

"'God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them (Hebrews 6:10).'" 
—Chaplain Oscar Lausell, Gurabo, Puerto Rico

"I have been a pastor in Nicaragua for 40 years. My church is "More Than Conquerors" Baptist Church in Niquinohomo, Masaya, Nicaragua. Thank you so much for the help you have given me personally and for the church. May God bless our full hands for His glory and for redeemed people [we serve]."
—Pastor Juan Francisco Juarez Zapata
Niquinohomo, Masaya, Nicaragua

"Many congratulations. I am new but I want to serve my Lord."
—Yaritza del Carmen Medina Mendoza
Guayana, Venezuela

"I have used many of your free resources on your web page. I am grateful and give God the glory and honor, because there is still a remnant proclaiming His holy and genuine doctrine. Happy 50 golden years."
—Fidel Bertrand Diaz
Medical assistant and Bible student, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

"Congratulations, my dear friends, on your anniversary. May the peace of God be with all of you as you always continue to proclaim the gospel of redemption."
—Pastor Domingo Antonio Garcia
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"My most effusive congratulations for your 50 years of service to the hispanic community all over the world. I have been one who has benefitted from LOGOI because I consult with it a lot and use your very good materials. Continue on with God's richest blessings. I greet you from Switzerland."

—Frieda Schwendener, Bible Teacher
Zurich, Switzerland

"May God continue blessing you for many years to come and thank you so much for helping us with resources to help us better serve our God.  May the Lord give you joy to the fullest. Happy Golden Anniversary!"

—Carmen Nelly Galarza López de Castilla,
Counseling ministry to children and women

Lima, Peru

"I pray for all of you to have new blessings in your ministry of support to those of us who have no [biblical] resources. Thank you.
—Salvador Roman, university student. Santa Tecla, El Salvador

"I wish you much spiritual satisfaction knowing that you are pursuing the work God raised up. I knew Pastor Les when he organized a conference in our church and later trusted me to help teach in his LOGOI conferences. He impacted me with his sensitivity and love for pastors. He had the most god-like character of any man I have ever known."
—Pastor Guillermo Ossandon Ponce, Viña del Mar, Chile

"Congratulations for your 50 years of ministry!  May the Lord bless each one of you for your work that has faithfully brought us the Word of God.  Thank you for working faithfully to deliver the Word of God for many years. God has used you to be an example for us to better prepare ourselves so that we can also be part of God's work. Congratulations!  Phil. 4:13:  I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

—Susana de la Hoz Perez, Chillán, Chile

"Happy anniversary, and may God's grace be with you always. Blessings."
—Pastor Eliud Perez Palacio, Montería, Colombia

"My best wishes for 50 years of Les's heritage. I am sure he is enjoying the glory of God and very soon we will see him as the Word tells us.
RogelioAracena_Web150Carolyn, you and Les are the best things God gave me during my years spent with Les and the Logoi conferences all over Latin America. I continue teaching, counseling and giving seminars in and out of Colombia. So I continue to see the great need for Les's vision."
God bless you. Romans 12:11-13 
—Dr. Rogelio Aracena, Colombia

"Well-wishes to the LOGOI Ministry that has stirred the Word of God in many hearts and will remain for generations to come of all God has done. Congratulations and thank you for continuing to bless my life and my country."
—Gladis Diaz, Valencia, Venezuela

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Celebrate with us!


"Carolyn and all, 
You have done a tremendous work for 50 years. Keep up the good job. May He richly bless you each and every one." 

—Joyce and Wayne Lind
Burlington, Washington

"We have always been convicted about the Logoi Ministry and its approach to helping and training National pastors. We hope the Lord will raise up some “younger” supporters for the future!

“Hang in there” or, as Paul would say, 'Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I would say REJOICE.'”
—Thomas and Sally Carter
Greenville, South Carolina

"We send our appreciation and love for you and Les sharing the love of the Lord - so others can grow and share. Logoi, you and Les are so near and dear to my heart and always have been. Here’s a picture of our wedding with Les performing the ceremony 39 years ago."  😊
Chris and Sue Schlotzhauer, Colleyville, Texas1979-Schlotzhauer-wedding-Miami350

"Congratulations to you who believed God for such a great work: training pastors and leaders even in places where it was impossible to go."
—Nestor Soto
Maracaibo, Venezuela

"Congratulations on your 50th anniversary. We have been supporters of LOGOI for many years. God has used them mightily in these 50 years. So on to the next 50 years."
—Gordon and Judy Moeckli
Lewiston, Idaho

"To reach 50 years is not easy, but God is faithful in accomplishing his work through you. Congratulations! May God continue pouring his grace and power on you as you serve his people. It has been, it is and will continue to be a blessing in all that you do. I have been helped very much in my understanding and service to the Lord whom we love."
—Ivan Vegas
Piura, Peru

"Thank you because you bless me very much all the time with your resources. May God continue blessing you."
—Sonnia Solano
Ministry to children and women
Guayaquil, Ecuador

I wish you a happy golden anniversary, and I would like you to help me have a musical instrument for my ministry."
—Patricio Nawech, Puyo, Ecuador

"Hello to You!

Yes, I am still here - at 94 and 3/4. I think of you often. Logoi is my favorite place to contribute. I know it isn’t much, but every little bit helps. I hope I am still giving to the “little men” who are studying so hard to get their sermons together. You folks are doing a fantastic work. I still remember your visits to West End many years ago. I think we bonded in the joys of our music and you are stilll really dear to me.

’Bye for now,"
—Betty Harrison, Virginia

"Many congratulations on this 50th anniversary. Blessings for the whole team."

—Prof. Antonio and Ana Cruz, Spain 

"Congratulations, LOGOI, for your 50 years of ministry and the legacy Les Thompson left in the lives of the pastors in Nicaragua and Honduras. I thank the Lord I met him and your staff and the opportunity I had to work with you at some pastor conferences. We passionately continue training the pastors of Nicaragua in God’s Word. They all remember you with great love.  Blessings."
—Victor Soto, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"May our marvelous God bless you this very special year. Happy Anniversary."  
—Hector Pastor Rios Hernandez
Caracas, Venezuela

"I thank the Lord for this wonderful ministry that proclaims the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We see the grace of God in the continuation of this ministry.  Keep going forward helping pastors and people like me who love to teach the plan of salvation to all through the story of redemption Jesus gave us in His Word."
—Tziomara Ordoñez, Guatemala

"Congratulations LOGOI in your 50th year.  God bless you and keep using you for the building up of the body of Christ in Latin America and the rest of the world. Thank you for everything. Blessings."
—Pastor Jorge Perez, San Felipe,Venezuela

"LOGOI is a tremendous blessing for all of us who want to learn correct Bible doctrine which is easily accessible and affordable, and even free in some cases. I owe you very much.  
Happy Birthday!"
—Jorge Vilos Barrera, Santiago Chile