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Celebrate 50th Anniversary!


LOGOI’s 50th Anniversary is so much more than just a milestone—it’s a year-long celebration of knowing our purpose and fulfilling it with joy. We graciously invite you to join us in commemorating this anniversary. Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing daily Bible messages on Instagram, Twitter, and both our Spanish and English Facebook pages. Follow us to get involved and spend the year learning, growing, and equipping yourself and others for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up.

For even more Information about LOGOI's history, visit the
LOGOIgram Blog, LOGOI Ministries Celebrates its 50 Years of Ministry.

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Celebrate with us!


"Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!  It’s an encouragement to me to know that, despite all the ugliness and evil in the world, God is always at work in people’s hearts and that LOGOI has been His instrument for 50 years!  PTL!"

—Kathleen Ruebling


"Hello to You!

Yes, I am still here - at 94 and 3/4. I think of you often. Logoi is my favorite place to contribute. I know it isn’t much, but every little bit helps. I hope I am still giving to the “little men” who are studying so hard to get their sermons together. You folks are doing a fantastic work. I still remember your visits to West End many years ago. I think we bonded in the joys of our music and you are stilll really dear to me.

’Bye for now,"


"Many congratulations on this 50th anniversary. Blessings for the whole team. "

—Professor Antonio and Ana Cruz

"What a great celebration year! If you like Instagram, join me at logoiministries to see picture histories along with mini-stories. God has faithfully been right beside us all these years!"
—Grandma Carolyn Thompson